About Faculty






Being a productive and leading worldwide department in the field of music and performing arts education and researches.





To educate musicians and students that can/are:


Recognize his/her cultural and social dynamics and values,

Aware of universal values​​, open to innovation,

Follow technical and scientific developments,

Produce original and new projects in the field of music,

Construct a work of art that can impact on people,

Compatible with interdisciplinary work,                             

Make observations, have the capacity of solving problems with innovative perspective.




As Music and Performing Arts Department, our aim is to produce successful projects with artistic perspective and on peaceful environment, to compete with international universities in the field of art, design, social and cultural disciplines as a modern faculty and educating   qualified artists and designers that can contribute to his/her own country and civilization by means of all areas.


To achieve success on this journey;

-Referencing the principles of art,

-Adopting life-long learning and producing innovative works,

-Educating individuals with national and universal values,

-Continuously improving course content for the needs of modern art and technology,

-Serving a happy working environment and conditions for the staff,

-Relevant to legislation and implementing regulations,

-Following the needs and expectations of society by artistic direction of social development,

-Providing a quality management system, applying and maintaining its continuity is our basic quality policy.